Whether you are an active candidate currently seeking a new position or are simply career savvy enough to understand the need to keep an open mind to new opportunities, we can provide you with influence at top tier companies, advise you on interviewing tactics and resume optimization, and negotiate the best possible offer.  We are here to build a long term relationship with our candidates to help you develop upward mobility throughout your career.

Our Differentiators:

  • Our candidates can expect complete confidentiality with us. We won’t share personal information about you with any client without your explicit consent.
  • We’ll ask to meet with you. This is surprising to some people, but absolutely necessary to us.   Whether you are actively looking for a new job, or just interested in “keeping an eye open”, a face-to-face conversation gives us better insight to what you are looking for and what role is going to be right for you.   As your career consultant we may suggest avenues that you haven’t considered.  We want to know you and treat you as a person, not just a resume, and that gives us a competitive edge when representing you to a company that you want to work for.  Our clients expect this from us, and you benefit from the added credibility that this approach brings.
  • We’re local. We know our clients as people, not just websites.  We can educate you on a company’s culture, personality, and growth potential.  We can provide you with the “intangibles” of a company and give you specific insight into what it is like to work there.  Our counterparts across the country can not possibly give you this type of service.
  • We understand that your time is valuable. We will only call you with promising opportunities that meet your short and long term career goals.  Our aim is to find the right fit for you at a company in which you will prosper.
  • We’ll prepare you for the interview and act on your behalf throughout the interviewing process. We will guide you on interview tactics as well as prepare you for who you will be meeting and what to expect.  When the time comes, we will work very closely with you to negotiate the best offer possible.
  • We want to be your career consultant, not just a one time connection to a company. Our goal is to maintain a long-term relationship with you throughout your career and help you make decisions that grow your career to the fullest.
  • We will represent you with complete professionalism. This often isn’t realized, but we are a reflection of you with respect to our clients.  We take this very seriously and guarantee to represent you in a professional, highly ethical manner.